• Duvall

    The new hybrid meeting platform.
    From screen sharing, public or private chatrooms, to interactive voting and interpretations in all languages.
    The solution for Duvall enables true simultanious interpretations using video conferencing.

  • USG People

    Using video conferencing Global Screen enables the Unique staffing agency to perform a first selection using video conferencing. Tooling is fully integrated with existing USG People business processes to ensure maximum efficiency.

    recruitment using
    interactive webcast
    via video
  • Global Screen presents 'Adam'

    As a helping hand in any household, Adam provides basic 'one-click' video communication as well as many other services. Ranging from existing websites to full blown tablet applications, Adam can handle it all.

    health-care yet fun! relatives
    are one click away
  • Magikmeekijken.nl

    Save time and money in health-care is a world-wide phenomenon. Magikmeekijken.nl provides a service to filter the severe cases. Judging emergencies on severity before having people come to the hopital.

    highly secured & private conversations simple access
    code generation
  • Ticket to the cloud

    Ticket to the Cloud is the safe and easy way to set up highly secured video meetings. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while doing it, Ticket to the cloud is a marketing too making this 'cloud' service a tangible tool for marketing.

    platform independant your own
    ticket to the Cloud
  • Vidyo Premier service provider

    Premium solutions require premium technology. Utilizing Vidyo software provides us with building blocks to ensure high definition quality video communication and military grade security for all users.

    platform independant meet with up to
    100 people at
    the same time

focused on solutions

Achieve maximum results for your company

Many video communication companies are focussed on technology. Selling technology as a commodity without taking adoption or integration of existing business processes into account. We feel this is not the way technology should be implemented within an organisation. With increasing contiousness of information management as a whole, we believe our technology should become an integral part of your information strategy.

Not by just applying technology how it is built, but adjusting technology so it fits seamlessly into existing business processes. Global Screen not only provides tools to adjust our technology to your specific needs, but also changes fundamental functionality of our tools to ensure maximum effectiveness of our technology within your organization.

highly secured

video collaboration

Using our default product line we provide means to collaborate securely with people all over the world in Full HD quality. Collaborate at any time in any place in an uncontrolled environment.

To ensure maximum freedom in doing so these products have limited or no impact on existing infrastructure. This way it is possible to invite people without having to prepare an account or ask IT support to assist. Collaborate at any time in any place in an uncontrolled environment.

Please fill out the form below to request your free account. Accounts are valid for 2 weeks maximum.

geo-location using


Recently Global Screen and Bgreen International have partnered up to use beacons in various Global Screen projects across Europe. Beacons enables you to use precise geo-location information in your Apps on either IOS or Android.


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